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Peter Kölln

You empower the world - and we empower you

With plant-based food and a focus on regional oat products, we empower people every day to take responsibility for themselves and others.

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Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA unites under its roof numerous renowned brands that all can look back on a long tradition. Kölln’s branded products stand for absolute premium quality and enjoy customer confidence for many generations.

The traditional company has been producing food since 1820 and is, among other things, known for its Kölln oats flakes. In addition to oats and muesli products under  the Kölln brand, also oils and fats from the Mazola®, Biskin®, Livio®, Palmin® and Becht’s® brands are part of the company.

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Our employees give a face to the company

Since its foundation 200 years ago, the company has kept up with the times and has remained true to itself and its values. And our employees are crucially important. With their knowledge, commitment and quality awareness, they ensure that Peter Kölln is very well positioned today. Many of them started vocational training here, have further qualified and taken on responsibility. In this way, they make a reliable contribution to ensuring that Peter Kölln will continue to be successful in the future.

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