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Whether classic Kölln oats flakes, ready-made muesli mixes, Kölln wholegrain Haferfleks® or Kölln Soluble Oats drinks - all Kölln products are based on oats, our most valuable cereal. Traditionally made from only the best ingredients, the Kölln brand stands for premium quality and has enjoyed the trust of its customers for many generations.



Mazola® has been known for its versatility since 1958, because Mazola® germ oil is a real all-rounder in the kitchen. Today, the range also includes rapeseed and olive oil as well as a number of specialties - so you can try something new every day.



The rapeseed oil from 'Heimatöl' is cold-pressed and steamed, making it a very versatile edible oil that is suitable for frying, baking and salads.
Its high content of omega-3 fatty acids makes it an ideal oil allrounder, especially also in vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
And with its regional origin (cultivation, production and bottling take place in Germany), its own wild flower strips and its climate neutrality, it is a real beacon in terms of sustainability on the oil shelf.



Biskin® has long been established as a brand of trust among cooking professionals. The high-quality vegetable oils and fats as well as the plant cream contribute to the success of your dishes and give them a special touch.



For more than 50 years, Livio® has given the creative kitchen a boost: whether for frying or steaming, for salads or raw food and for grilling - Livio® products are always the perfect choice.



Palmin® cubes have been around since 1972: easy to take out, easy to portion and easy to close again. The same applies to Palmin® soft in the practical bowl for clean and safe portioning.



Developed in a small family business, Becht’s® is a regional brand that can mainly be found in the Hessian region. Becht's® Special "S" is ideal for all salads, but also suitable for cooking, frying and baking.