Business partners

Across Generations

Business partners

Peter Kölln’s brand products stand for quality and trust. Our products are manufactured in line with highest quality standards - that’s what our name stands for for generations. All our product lines are maintained and developed on the basis of our strict criteria. So the Peter Kölln brands always keep their finger on the pulse.

Every single brand, whether from the oats or the edible oil segment, stands for our motto "Across Generations".

Food retail trade

Strong brands from Peter Kölln

To this day, "Kölln Wholegrain Oats” in the typical light- and dark-blue checkerboard like packaging are the flagship of our company. Over the years, many new product developments have been added, which have meanwhile also become a permanent part in the food retail sector. This includes various muesli variants as well as innovative oat products from "Smelk Oat Love" and "Haferfleks" to our "Oats Porridges". Since 2004, the traditional brands "Livio", "Biskin", "Palmin" and "Becht’s" from the edible oil and fat range as well as the "Edelweiss Milk Sugar" have expanded our range. Our portfolio was rounded off in 2014 by the "Mazola" brand.

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We are the leading specialist in
oats processing

Our expertise in oats dates back 200 years - and that’s what makes us so strong. Our longstanding understanding of gentle, high quality oats processing has also made us one of the most important companies in the German food industry.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a strong partner for your oats products in organic quality or from gluten-free production, for oats extrudates or baked agglomerates in conventional or organic quality.


Bulk consumers

From professionals
for professionals

Peter Kölln’s ‘Profiline’ from Peter Kölln meets the highest demands for professionals in the catering industry. We only produce branded products according to the highest quality standards, because we know what you as a professional have to rely on: the best ingredients. We have enjoyed the trust of our bulk consumers for many years and will continue to work on adapting and expanding our range to meet your needs. Please feel free to contact us!

For a personal contact you can reach us at contact[at]


Quality for excellent products

We take utmost care not only in the production of our oats, edible oil and fat specialties, and we are also quite choosy when it comes to the selection of our raw materials, suppliers and business partners. We work with partners who ensure that work and production are carried out under fair conditions. Our raw materials and ingredients are subject to strict quality checks - certifications, such as Rainforest Alliance for coffee and chocolate or RSPO for palm oil are a matter of course for us. We only want the best ingredients for our products; because we believe that our customers deserve the best.


Your worldwide partner

Peter Kölln has stood for quality and trust for 200 years. We enjoy the trust of our consumers not only in Germany. Also abroad, customers associate the best quality with our products. We have been exporting many of our oats specialties to more than 25 different countries for 30 years. If you are interested and for further information, please visit our international website. international website.