Across Generations


Our responsibility

A company is like a personality. You are born with some traits. Others only develop over the years. It is the same with Peter Kölln.
Our core values accompany us since the company was founded. Right from the start, Peter Kölln has stood for responsible, consistent and social action. This applies to the quality of our products as well as to our employees, partners and our environment.

Peter Kölln is acting cross-generational.

Our decisions are based on ecological, economic and social sustainability. Resulting measures are a dynamic process. This is how we always find new ways of dealing fairly with our regional and international trading partners.

Furthermore, we also invest in innovative products in tune with the times. With the establishment and implementation of a sustainability management system based on the ZNU standard "driving sustainable change", the company management has an established system to identify and manage the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century at an early stage.

With the initial certification of the company site according to the ZNU standard, the company also proves that the integrated management system for sustainable management meets the ZNU sustainability requirements in a comprehensive auditing process by independent third parties.


For Peter Kölln, responsibility means:

  • We foster a fair relationship with our business partners.
  • We get inspired by the abundance of good ingredients and our consumers’ needs.
  • We are open to change.
  • We respect rules and laws and let others check us.
  • We act in harmony with nature.
  • We are guided by the United Nations’ global objectives for a better future.

Peter Kölln is particularly strongly committed to ecological responsibility. Emissions caused by business activities are to be avoided, reduced and finally compensated for in order to achieve the ambitious goal of a climate-neutral company site by 2025.

To meet this goal, we initiated a reforestation project in cooperation with our contract farmer "Gut Panker" and planted the first approx. 6,000 trees in 2020. With the reforestation, we are making an active contribution to the fight against climate change as well as to the preservation of biodiversity in Schleswig-Holstein.

Since 2020 we have planted



In addition, we are committed to a responsible use of resources. We minimise transport routes and packaging material and pay attention to the use of sustainable raw materials.


Constancy is a tradition for us. For 200 years now. This is creating confidence - and speaks in favour of us:

  • 200 years of oats and brand expertise: Peter Kölln stands for consistent and reliable quality.
  • Utmost care in all processes: our production, products and suppliers are subject to strict quality controls.
  • Products that convince by value and taste: We are pleased that many customers are fans and loyal supporters of our products.
  • Economic decisions on a cross-generational basis: international markets and new food brands in the field of oils and fats make our company even more stable.

As a company with 380 employees and customers in 40 countries, we have a great responsibility. Healthy growth, economic thinking and constant quality ensure stable conditions and the freedom to break new ground on a strong basis.


Peter Kölln is one of the largest employers in the region. We are firmly anchored here and ensure that our employees have a safe workplace. Particularly important for us:

  • We are a family company. This not only applies to the owner family, but also includes the whole workforce.
  • Our cooperation is characterised by mutual trust and respect. We stand together - and can rely on each other even in difficult situations.
  • The health of our employees is important to us. That is why we invest in appropriate measures in occupational safety, ergonomics and fitness.
  • We are involved in voluntary activities, for example, with donations to the regional food banks or by supporting the voluntary fire brigade.
  • We remain committed to our region and have been a reliable employer for 200 years.

Fair wages and good social benefits are not enough to be a good employer. More and more people are demanding social commitment and responsible conduct from companies. Expectations that Peter Kölln has been fulfilling in many areas for years already. Our cross-generational mindset highly requires qualified young people. As one of the largest employers in the region, we are aware of our responsibility in this regard. That’s why our training quota is at least 10 percent and we enable young people to develop individual qualifications.

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